Are you travelling to the UK?

Don’t forget to use these

🚽 Loo: When nature calls, the ‘loo’ is your designated stop – a restroom by any other name! 🚻🚶‍♀️

😋 Dishy: Describing someone as ‘dishy’ is a nod to their attractive and charming qualities. 😍🍽️

🥳 Bash: Time to throw a ‘bash’ – a vibrant celebration where laughter and joy come together! 🎉🎈

💰 Dosh: Keep an eye on your ‘dosh,’ it’s your hard-earned money and deserves a secure pocket! 💸💼

🤙 Wicked: In the UK, ‘wicked’ isn’t about villainy; it’s a thumbs-up for something fantastic! 🤘🤩

🙃 Daft: If someone’s acting a bit quirky or silly, they’re just being ‘daft’ – embrace the fun! 🤪🤹‍♂️


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