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Don’t forget to use these 🚽 Loo: When nature calls, the ‘loo’ is your designated stop – a restroom by any other name! 🚻🚶‍♀️ 😋 Dishy: Describing someone as ‘dishy’ is a nod to their attractive and charming qualities. 😍🍽️ 🥳 Bash: Time to throw a ‘bash’ – a vibrant celebration where laughter and joy … Leer más


REMEMBER! 🚆 On Time: Arriving exactly at the scheduled moment. It’s like catching that train just as it’s about to leave! ⌛ In Time: Having enough time to spare before a deadline or event. Imagine submitting that assignment a bit early or showing up at the party just before the cake is cut! Remember, “on … Leer más


Let’s GO OVER two special word endings: “-ful” and “-less.” Adding “FUL” to add something extra. Imagine you have a color palette for words. When we add “-ful” to a word, it’s like giving it extra colors. “Colorful” doesn’t just mean ‘full of color’; it’s like a rainbow explosion. “Wonderful” isn’t just ‘full of wonder’; … Leer más


Understanding the Distinction between Gradable and Non-gradable Adjectives When it comes to describing the world around us, adjectives play a vital role in conveying meaning. Adjectives come in various types, each with its unique characteristics and functions. Two such types are gradable adjectives and non-gradable adjectives. Gradable Adjectives: Comparison and Intensity Gradable adjectives are perhaps … Leer más

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