Learn ENGLISH IDIOMS to use at work daily.

Would you like to sound more native? In today’s fast-paced business world, communication is key. And while we all strive to speak clearly and concisely, using idioms and expressions can add color and personality to our language.So, here we have some of the most common expressions you can use at work daily. Let’s go! Remember! … Read more

Are you travelling to the UK?

Don’t forget to use these 🚽 Loo: When nature calls, the ‘loo’ is your designated stop – a restroom by any other name! 🚻🚶‍♀️ 😋 Dishy: Describing someone as ‘dishy’ is a nod to their attractive and charming qualities. 😍🍽️ 🥳 Bash: Time to throw a ‘bash’ – a vibrant celebration where laughter and joy … Read more


REMEMBER! 🚆 On Time: Arriving exactly at the scheduled moment. It’s like catching that train just as it’s about to leave! ⌛ In Time: Having enough time to spare before a deadline or event. Imagine submitting that assignment a bit early or showing up at the party just before the cake is cut! Remember, “on … Read more


Let’s GO OVER two special word endings: “-ful” and “-less.” Adding “FUL” to add something extra. Imagine you have a color palette for words. When we add “-ful” to a word, it’s like giving it extra colors. “Colorful” doesn’t just mean ‘full of color’; it’s like a rainbow explosion. “Wonderful” isn’t just ‘full of wonder’; … Read more


Understanding the Distinction between Gradable and Non-gradable Adjectives When it comes to describing the world around us, adjectives play a vital role in conveying meaning. Adjectives come in various types, each with its unique characteristics and functions. Two such types are gradable adjectives and non-gradable adjectives. Gradable Adjectives: Comparison and Intensity Gradable adjectives are perhaps … Read more

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