How do you say…?

CORTARSE EL PELO. Let’s go! You can watch the following video to find out.


If you want to say…”Me corté el pelo ayer”, you need to say:

I HAD MY HAIR CUT. (Because ANOTHER PERSON cut your hair)

This is what we call THE CAUSATIVE PASSIVE.



You might use the causative passive in various contexts:

  1. When someone arranges for an action to happen: “I had my car repaired.” (I arranged for my car to be repaired by someone else.)
  2. When someone gets something done by someone else: “She had her hair cut.” (She didn’t cut her hair herself; she got someone else to do it.)
  3. When describing services or actions people offer: “They have their laundry washed and folded.” (They pay someone to wash and fold their laundry.)

Don’t forget!

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